Custom Wet Bars for Homeowners in the El Paso Area


Custom wet bars from Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets can help you entertain friends and family in the most luxurious way possible. Wet bars radiate class, and even the simplest designs add a touch of elegant living to any home. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a more dramatic design that will encompass an entire section of your home. No matter what you have in mind, Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets can make it a reality. Like a properly mixed drink, we will take every detail and design idea you have in mind in order to create the perfect wet bar for your home.


Take Your Home to the Next Level with a Custom Wet Bar


Since bars serve as a working area away from your kitchen, you’ll be able to tend to guests, clean glasses, or store drinks without having to take up valuable space in your kitchen or pantry. Wet bars are much more than aesthetic additions, they become incredibly useful if you entertain guests on a daily basis. When you team up with Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets, your wet bar will be made to your precise specifications. This won’t be a cookie-cutter design. We will sit with you and go over material and design options. We will also take precise measurements of the area where the wet bar will go. With this information, we will then go ahead and create the perfect wet bar for your home.


Options Available for Custom Wet Bars in the El Paso Area


When it comes to customizing your new wet bar, you have many options from which to choose. This area will be used to store drinks, glasses, and other miscellaneous items. Although many wet bars tend to have a sink built in, you can choose to avoid this design and go for a more concise option. The addition of a sink does come in handy, however. With a sink in place, you’ll be able to wash glasses easily without having to carry them over to the kitchen. If you’re a wine enthusiast, your wet bar can double as a gorgeous wine cellar where your collection can be on display. We could also include space for you to add a small refrigerator or ice maker.






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