kitchen cabinets done by dominguez and sons

Custom Kitchen Cabinets for El Paso Homeowners


If it’s time to renovate your kitchen, why not start with the cabinets? As far as home remodeling options go, kitchen cabinets offer the most bang for your buck. Not only will they revitalize the look and feel of your kitchen, they’ll potentially add more value to your home! In order to make sure your new cabinets are exactly what you’re after, it’s best to team up with a skilled team who understands the intricacies of cabinetry. Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets has been serving the El Paso area since 1965. We understand the wants and needs of the city and can exceed all expectations. In fact, we’ve been doing just that for over fifty years! As the city’s premier custom cabinet shop, we can take your design ideas and create an end product that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.


Guiding El Pasoans Through the Kitchen Cabinet Design Process


When it comes to designing custom cabinets for your kitchen, it’s necessary to understand that each cabinet should serve a specific purpose. It must be beautiful on the surface while remaining stable and sturdy for daily use. Let’s start with the design of the cabinets first. Consider the cabinet as a blank canvas upon which you can add intricate designs and beautiful finishes. Or perhaps you’d like a more simplistic, minimal look. With the help of an experienced team, you’ll be able to design the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. Our design team can easily and effortlessly take what you have in mind and draft it into reality.


Choosing the Right Materials for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets


After deciding on the design of the kitchen cabinets, it’s time to get to work. At Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets, we only use materials of the highest quality. We also have a vast amount of hardwood for you to choose from. Come by our shop to have a look at the options available. Since you’ll be able to see and feel the hardwood, you’ll be able to make the right decision when choosing the material for your custom cabinets. Not only are our cabinets beautiful and elegant, they’re also made to withstand the test of time. Kitchen cabinets see use on a constant basis so it’s crucial for them to be sturdy and well-constructed. At Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets, we implement precise cabinetry processes in order to create a product that’s both beautiful and useful. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.





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