How to Acquire the Perfect Custom Vanity in El Paso

A custom vanity with marble countertops in an El Paso bathroom.Vanity is in style. Let’s face it. This is nothing new. Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. People have been gazing at their reflections since nature invented puddles of water. 

Whether it is in ancient Egypt, the Victorian era, colonial America, the 1950s, or the modern selfie-crazed-Instagram-posting-world of the 21st century, people have always wanted to look their best. And while the natural impulse to view our reflection and fix ourselves up began centuries ago, the way we do it has changed some. 

In El Paso, bathroom vanities come in a myriad of styles, materials, and more. Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets is here to help make sense of the countless vanity options out there. 

It Begins with Our Reflection and a Small Cosmetic Box 

As with many of the things we are surrounded with, the bathroom vanity has a long history of being part of the beautifying regimen. A small cedar cosmetic box from ancient Egypt provides a sneak peek at the way these ancient beauties accentuated their cheekbones, eyebrows, lips, and whatever else was “in” at the time. Face paints, potions, and shiny metals were found in these ancient tombs. 

These were the first portable vanities. Centuries later, people had to keep them stationary; the dressing table was born. Leave it up to the French, of course, to set the stage for fashion and high-cultured furnishings. The mistress of Louis XIV was one of the first to set the stage for the modern vanity and create a carefully crafted and functional table for self-preening. The table used for this purpose quickly became a status symbol.  

It wasn’t just women who needed to take a look at themselves before they went out for the night. Men, too, especially those with beards, would use long cabinets to shave and comb out their facial hair. Early versions of vanities continued into the modern centuries, getting more and more elaborate with each decade. 

Victorian dressing tables were often made out of hardwood with ornate drawers and mirrors. The Roaring Twenties, for example, saw the business of cosmetics accelerate as women entered the workforce and became far more aware and preoccupied with their appearance. 

Enter 21st Century Bathroom Design and the Functionality of the Vanity 

Today’s bathroom design is all about style and functionality. The modern homeowner likes to have plenty of space to get dolled up but also to place the necessary items at arm’s length. Cabinet space, drawers, and more cabinet space are in. 

And yet, a bathroom vanity is about far more than just functionality, it brings the room together, it creates cohesiveness, a sense of comfort, style, luxury, and everything in between. This is the inherent concept of modern furniture design.

Modern furniture design needs space but hates clutter. It demands flexibility but insists on simplicity. It cries out to be seen and admired while keeping its artistic flair quiet and subtle.

Modern Trends in Custom Bathroom Vanities 

The world of modern bathroom vanities is one of many options. There is so much to choose from when it comes to a bathroom remodel or upgrade. Fashionable vanity trends include:

Floating Vanities

There is something futuristic and yet classically beautiful about a floating vanity. There is a simplicity to it, as well as the feeling of something just discovered. These floating vanities are fastened to the wall and raised about a foot above the ground. 

  • Pros: The most cited reasons for going for this unique design include the fact that it makes it seem like there is extra space. The room almost seems bigger. It’s also very modern and very much in trend. 
  • Cons: Required special mounting requirements. A floating vanity is tied into the studs behind the wall. 

Rustic Vanities

The rustic look never goes out of fashion. The earth and naturistic look of rustic furnishings continue to charm homeowners of all ages. 

  • Pros: They can be custom-made and fitted to the exact dimensions of your bathroom. You can also choose a variety of materials. 
  • Cons: The rest of your bathroom needs to match or complement the wooden material. This is not too big of a problem since rustic wood can look good with whites, blues, pinks, or any other shade of your bathroom. 

Transitional Design Vanities

These functional and stylish designs go with almost any modern bathroom today. Transitional design has a perfect balance of form and function with minor flourishes. 

  • Pros: It is modern and therefore great for newer homes or bathrooms that are getting an upgrade. It is a perfect mix of modern and classic elements. The style is used with a wide range of materials, including wood. 
  • Cons: Might not complement traditional bathroom designs and might require a full remodel for cohesion. 

Factors to Consider When Updating Your Bathroom Vanity 

Your bathroom design is a big decision! You want your bathroom to be an extension of your home but to have an air of privacy and a unique and welcoming quality that comforts people. After all, we spend a lot of quality alone time there. When thinking about a new vanity, consider: 

  • Overall layout
  • Storage options
  • Desired storage space
  • Materials 
  • Sinks 
  • Lighting 

Get Custom Wood Vanities that Wow Family and Guests 

Your vision is only the beginning. When you work with a specialized carpenter that is an expert in finding the right fit for every home, you will be amazed at the difference. At Dominguez & Sons, we have spent decades designing and customizing cabinets, vanities, and countertops for homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Take your bathroom remodeling project to the next level with custom bathroom vanities. Call us today at 915 859 4486!

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