Kitchen Cabinet Storage Design Tips for 2022 and Beyond

Kitchen cabinets and drawers displaying well-organized kitchen utensils and plating.Cluttered kitchen countertops are out. Minimal designs and storage space are in. Kitchen cabinets are not just about the outward elegance and beauty they exude over the family’s gathering place, but they are also about maximizing comfort and functionality via storage space. Today’s homeowner wants a kitchen design that helps keep things tidy. 

So what are some of the new year’s kitchen cabinet trends, and how are they improving the storage capabilities of all homeowners? As El Paso’s top kitchen remodeling team, Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets has all the answers! Let’s take a look.

The Modern Homeowner’s Kitchen Design Conundrum: More Space, Less Drama

Today’s homeowners are just as focused on design and decor as they are on functionality. After all, the modern kitchen has all kinds of handy appliances and modern kitchen gadgets and materials that would easily clutter any amount of counter space available, including heavy-hitters like spatulas and steak knives to the once-in-a-blue-moon star-shaped cookie trays. 

The contemporary kitchen will have an assortment of varying tools, gadgets, and whatchamacallits, including:

  • Chef knives, cutting boards, kitchen scissors 
  • Large spoons, spatulas, pizza cutters, ice cream scoops
  • Measuring spoons and cups (from teaspoons to cup measurements) 
  • Flatware or silverware
  • Can openers 
  • Vegetable peelers
  • Pots, pans, saucepans, skillets, crockpots, you name it
  • Sheet trays, baking trays, muffin trays
  • Strainers for pasta, rice, and God knows what else
  • Slow cookers, toasters, air fryers,  blenders

And that’s just the typical kitchen. The list goes on and on from high-tech gadgets (smart fridge magnets that write up your grocery list) to the niche market novelty items like electric breakfast sandwich makers or cutely designed potato brushes. So, two drawers and a cabinet simply will not cut it. And that’s where modern kitchen design and custom cabinets come in. 

How to Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Space 

So, let’s start off with some clever ways in which you can improve your current organization status. Sometimes, it’s all about reimagining the configuration of how you have organized your kitchen. 

  • Search for a cutlery tray that better fits your drawers. Drawer organizers and cutlery trays come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes the cutest one is not the one that fits our kitchen drawers the best. So, take some measurements and search for one that does. 
  • Install hooks for mugs inside cabinets. Have too many coffee mugs that they take up a whole cabinet? Hanging a few mug hooks can add mug space for you to hang them without adding to the clutter. 
  • Install pot racks, pot dividers, or risers inside cabinets. Sometimes maximizing space is just about reorganizing. By adding appropriate racks and dividers, a previously chaotic cabinet that fails to stack up can better use the available space. 
  • Mounted dish rack. If you’re used to washing by hand and always have a cluttered sink or countertop with the drying dishes, why not hang it on a wall to get it out of the way? Not only is this a good way to air dry dishes, but it makes things seem a lot tidier. 
  • Adding hooks to cabinet doors. If you want to hang measuring spoons or lighter items without stuffing them on the cabinet shelves, consider hanging small hooks on the doors. This should be done with caution, of course, because cabinet doors can break or become damaged if not done properly. 

Installing New Kitchen Cabinets? Consider These Novel Ideas 

When it comes time to improve those old and drab kitchen cabinets, incorporating design ideas can ensure you have the space you’re looking for. Some of these are smaller installation projects or re-design options. 

  • Add a toe-kick drawer. If you’re redesigning your kitchen and looking to improve the space, consider adding this to your custom kitchen cabinet design. A toe kick drawer makes use of that largely useless flat space on the bottom of kitchen cabinets and makes for a nifty drawer. This easy-to-access option blends in perfectly with the rest of the kitchen design and provides space for flat kitchenware such as baking sheets or trays.
  • Pull-out cutting boards. This is another handy integrated design option that not only wows the guests but creates an added layer of functionality you never thought possible—a drawer in the kitchen that opens up and has a cutting board, for instance. This adds not only convenience but functionality, as well. 
  • Utensil drawers. One great way to keep the many kitchen utensils (spatulas, scoops, salad tongs) out of view is by creating side drawers or narrow pull-out drawers specially designed for those elongated tools you use often. 
  • Corner drawers. Some kitchen layouts don’t make great use of the corner space.  Corner space is simply wasted or left without any real purpose. With custom cabinets, corner drawers and cabinets can be added. 

Design With Your Kitchen in Mind

When designing custom kitchen cabinets, talk with your contractor about ways to maximize the space. Take an assessment of the types of kitchen items you use most often and how you would prefer to see that organized. 

Looking for the best custom kitchen cabinets? Call Dominguez & Sons today and learn about your options!

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