How Custom Wet Bars and Breakfast Bars in El Paso Enhance Home Functionality

A custom breakfast bar in an El Paso home with a sleek surface and bar chairs.

You are a 21st-century homeowner. As such, you know that functionality and performance are important to you. After spending one year locked up at home, you’re interested in taking your home’s comfort to a new level. Comfort and elegance don’t always go hand in hand, but when you have professionals doing custom work, the sky’s the limit. 

So here’s an idea, if you’re a regular hoster, party organizer, or evening-with-friends sort of person, consider taking take your home’s comfort, elegance, and hosting capabilities to the next level. 

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The Wet Bar for Comfort and Serving Excellence 

For wine connoisseurs or draft beer enthusiasts, wet bars are not only an opportunity to show off your collections or extensive alcoholic knowledge, but they are also a way for you to keep your kitchen free of unwanted clutter. 

The fashionable wet bars and dry bars began in the 1950s as a way to provide some extra serving space. In the 1950s and 60s, these bars often featured mirrors, lots of shelf space, a sink, and dark wood cabinets. So what is a wet bar? The main difference between a wet bar and a dry bar is the running water. The name “wet” simply means that the serving area is equipped with running water. And yes, today’s wet bars are far more sophisticated than the ones in the 70s. 

Today’s wet bars are very personalized, and they don’t have to be built just for the winos or alcoholic beverage drinkers. They can double up as a coffee bar or espresso bar for the cup of morning Joe. 

Not a coffee drinker either? 

Use your wet bar as a place to serve pastries or baked goods. 

The Best Place for Your Wet Bar 

There is no designated place to put your customized creation. Most people will choose to have it somewhere near the kitchen, but depending on the home’s layout, you may have it in other hosting-friendly locations. 

Things to Consider Before Installing a Custom Wet Bar 

So now that you’ve dug into the idea of having a highly personalized serving station in your home, here’s what you want to consider: 

Design and Purpose

A wet bar designed specifically for a wine collector will have a different design than one used for coffee tastings. So consider what you will be serving at this station and have the design bend to that. 

A Water Source

In order for a wet bar to live up to its name, you require a water source. So make sure that your vision is positioning the wet bar in a place where there is a nearby water source. 

Cabinets and Countertops

And just like any custom kitchen, the cabinets and countertops are a big part of the function of the design. Choose among the best materials like hardwood or laminate cabinets. 


What kind of refrigeration will be best for your wet bar? Are you looking for a specialized wine cooler, a small fridge for imported draft beers, or countertop refrigeration for cold creamer or milk? 

The Cohesive Beauty of the Breakfast Bar

Another great option for improved performance and options in the kitchen is the beloved breakfast bar. This is a far more family-friendly option that gives people added counter space as well as a quick place to grab a bite or have a quick cup of coffee. 

The breakfast bar can be an addition to the kitchen that will add functionality without having to do a full remodel. For homeowners that are remodeling their entire kitchen, the addition of a breakfast bar can be a great way to extend the kitchen space in a cohesive way. 

What to Consider When Installing a Breakfast Bar 

The breakfast bar is known as an informal and laid-back space that adds a cozy feel to the kitchen. They provide added surface space on which to eat, sip a hot drink, or read the morning paper. Given today’s need for home office space, the breakfast bar can double up as a study space or a last-minute home office. When thinking about a breakfast bar, consider:

Your Current Kitchen’s Design

Ideally, whatever custom bar you are looking to install, you want it to be cohesive and complementary to your existing kitchen design. A custom breakfast bar carpenter can advise you on how to extend your kitchen’s design outward. 

Height for the Breakfast Bar

Most common bar heights are about 42 inches high, but varying heights can be used to create contrast or maximize space. When it comes to finding the right stools, you’ll want to consider the height to ensure it matches the style you’re looking for. 

Breakfast Bar Shape

Your breakfast bar can take on any shape that better complements or accentuates your kitchen or dining room space. Common shapes include the rectangle, L-shape, T-shape, curbed, circular, and more. 

Obtain a New Level of Functionality with Custom Wet Bars and Breakfast Bars 

Today’s homeowner wants their home to work for them and to adapt to the changing lifestyles and demanding schedules of the 21st century. Whether it’s coming home to relax to a nice glass of wine, hosting a dinner party, or using your breakfast bar as the late-evening tutoring center for your teenagers, these features will enhance your living space. 

Call us today and find out more about Dominguez and Sons and our custom cabinets, wet bars, and breakfast bars. 

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