How to Achieve Rustic Perfection with Your El Paso Custom Cabinets

Beautiful wood custom cabinets in a cabin’s kitchen.Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a yearly ritual for many. Being close to beautiful mountain retreats like Ruidoso and Cloudcroft, New Mexico, many El Pasoans flee to the quiet of the slopes. And nothing infuses the spirit more than a well-carved-out rustic setting in the midst of snowy mountains where you can sit with fluffy socks and sip hot chocolate. 

At Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets, we go above and beyond for our clients. If you’re planning on adding a touch of rustic beauty to your custom cabinets, then we’re the perfect team for the job!

But what makes the perfect rustic look without abandoning comfort and beauty? Let’s take a look!

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The Rustic Look in the 21st Century 

The word rustic has several meanings and has come to adopt several associations in people’s imaginations. When it comes to decor, it spans several styles, including the classic farmhouse to a Tuscan-inspired abode. The word means “relating to the countryside” or “rural.” It also suggests something that is made in a “simple fashion.”

Modern rustic design, of course, is anything but simple. It aspires to simplicity but beneath the surface is very refined attention to detail that seeks to achieve a quiet and subtle perfection. 

How to Achieve the Rustic Look 

There is no one way to achieve the perfect rustic look. There are, however, central elements that define a distinguishable rustic style. Those features create the main characteristics of what most people would associate with the word. 

So how do you achieve rustic perfection? Here are four tips:

#1 Implement natural and earthy materials

  • Rustic is all about the rural lifestyle. For an inspiring rustic feel, you need natural and earthy materials. Different types of wood can make your style unique. To truly achieve the rustic ambiance, an emphasis on nature is a must. 

#2 Shake free of modern materials

  • The less plastic and synthetic materials, the closer to pure rustic you get. There is a lot more weight and wholesomeness to the rustic style that does not fit well with many of today’s sleek and minimalist contemporary styles. And yet, people have gotten creative in this area, creating very modern-looking rustic spaces by using a decorative sleight of hand.

#3 Commit to a limited color palette

  • The color scheme for many rustic-inspired spaces will be limited to neutral tones. The shades include browns, dark pinks, grays, and more. 

#4 Implement a touch of the original craftsmanship

  • Custom cabinetry and handmade furniture go a long way. This is another characteristic that screams rustic authenticity is having custom woodwork done or handmade furniture. As custom cabinet makers, Dominguez & Sons helps people achieve a level of style that is uniquely theirs.

Maplewood Custom Cabinets, the Darling of the Rustic Movement

Maplewood is an attractive, strong, and smooth-grained hardwood that is often used in many decorative styles. As Wood Magazine suggests, maple wood is hard, soft, and sweet. Maple wood is varied, and there are several species of maple trees that can fit the description. The most commonly used species of maple in America is Sugar Maple or Rock Maple. 

The Unique Maplewood Shades

Maplewood custom cabinets can be a defining feature of your rustic cabin or kitchen. The heartwood might change shades over time as it ages, but it can begin as dark wood that lightens over time. This wood has been used over generations to create furniture, desks, and other structures. 

Maplewood for your rustic cabin kitchen means you’ll get a non-porous surface. Several natural markings in the wood make it especially apt for rustic styles, as the material will often showcase birdy’s eye dots, a curling grain, or streaking. Soft maple is known for its lighter shade, with hard maple producing a darker, more pronounced grain. 

Common maple grains include: 

  • Bird’s eye grain: A beautifully speckled surface with two contrasting shades
  • Burl grain:  Darker, almost dark cherry brown. 
  • Fiddleback grain: A soft and sweet beige with horizontal brushed grain, as if done with a fine comb
  • Straight grain: Traditional darker brown shade with natural markings 

What is Better, Maple or Cherry Wood?

We have written about the wonders of cherry wood in previous posts, as well as other popular woods for cabinets. So, if you’re going for the rustic style, it really is up to you.  After all, rustic is all about warm and inviting spaces that are resourceful, subtle, and reminiscent of an era long gone. 

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Get Custom Cabinets for Your Cabin and Achieve Rustic Perfection

Whether it is using maple wood cabinets with raised panel doors and rope moldings or achieving a simple custom almond-colored custom entertainment center, Dominguez and Sons are all about achieving beauty, originality, and craftsmanship that inspires.

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