Best Kitchen Designs for Custom Cabinets, Colors, and Styles

A newly-redesigned kitchen exemplifying the most recent kitchen design ideas.The age of home revitalization is underway. Since the pandemic hit, homeowners have been spending time and money reworking the main aspects of their homes. With all these home updates, new trends become apparent as homeowners gravitate toward the needs and styles of the age. So what is happening in the world of kitchen design?

There are a couple of new trends underway, some carryovers from previous years, and some surprising approaches. Dominguez & Sons Custom Cabinets is here to go over the hottest trends of the year!

Kitchen Trend Designs Holding On From the Past Few Years 

While there are plenty of new kitchen trends this year, many of the underlying stylistic choices come from sweeping design movements across the board. So, first, let’s look at some of the overarching design movements happening in the 2020s. 


  • The minimalist approach has been dominating interior design for a few years. From kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms, keeping things sleek and simple has become one of the dominating stylistic choices. Minimalism keeps things tidy and spares that lean into functionality or high-performance. The idea behind minimalist kitchen designs is based on maintaining clear-cut lines and the use of fine-grained woods, angular design, and even geometric patterns. 

Bold Colors

  • Creating spaces using darker and more saturated tones has already caused a stir in 2022. This includes darker browns, blues, and even greens. These bolder and brighter colors opt for a fresh look that will avoid looking dated in just a few years. Colors include espresso browns, deep plums, navy blues, gray greens, and darker earth tones. 

A Mix of Custom and Uniform

  • We’re in the age of custom and individualistic choice. If your kitchen or home lacks a little custom design, it appears lackluster and feels a bit dull. Interior designers in 2022 stress the power of mixing custom design with more conventional design or appliances. It’s all about creating a balance between making some elements pop and creating a design that draws the eye. 

Layering Elements

  • One of the surprising approaches in the 2020s is the concept of layering. This approach to design—including kitchen designs— is all about layering specific elements on top of each other to create a multi-level design. For example, if you use lines as your unifying elements, you can layer them on top of each other by using brick veneer, plus lines on your cabinets, etc., and having it all create a conscious design. 

Letting The Outdoors In

  • This movement has really dominated interior design in the past few years. People are looking for ways to let the outdoors into their homes, either by natural lighting, bigger windows, strategically placed windows, or the use of natural materials. 

These Design Trends and How They Apply to the Modern Kitchen 

Above are just a few of the common design trends across the industry. When it comes to kitchens, new styles are also brewing in the new year as people emerge from the pandemic with a fresh new outlook on life. 

All-White Kitchens are Slipping Away

  • In recent years, having an all-white kitchen was the definition of an elegant minimalist design. Yet, this movement has really started to dwindle as people look to make use of bold colors or a more balanced look—even in minimalist spaces. The idea is that these all-white kitchens might be a little too unwelcoming or “cold.” It’s why earth tones and bolder colors are popular. 

Kitchen Islands to Add Cabinet Space

  • In order to maintain an orderly and well-organized kitchen, cabinet space is essential. Because of this, today’s kitchens are focusing a lot more on building more cabinet space, and for some kitchens, this means installing a kitchen island. Adding a kitchen island with custom cabinets is one way to make your kitchen more functional and add storage space while maximizing the layout. 

Dark Oak and Walnut

  • With the allure of natural materials and the emphasis on exalting nature and inviting nature into our homes, dark oak and walnut have become popular. These woods have fine linear grains, which have gone over very well for those redoing a minimalist and individual kitchen design. The dark stained oak of today provides a deep gray color that serves as the bold contrast that many homeowners look for.

Using Natural Materials

  • As people seek to inspire their homes with nature, the use of natural materials has really become prominent in the past year or so. Homeowners are opting for materials that appear natural and have earthy tones to inspire elegance and a little bit of the rustic spirit. 

Ready to Add Inspiration and Style to Your Kitchen? Custom Cabinets are a Worthy Investment 

Not only do custom cabinets add an individual spin to your kitchen, but they are long-lasting investments that can raise the value of your home if ever it’s time to sell it. How do you know what wood material is right for you? Talk to a custom cabinet specialist and talk about your goals and aspirations for your kitchen. Our team can help you decide on what material will take your kitchen to the next level. 

Ready to begin? Call Dominguez and Sons Cabinets today!

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