7 Stunning Features to Consider for Timeless Kitchen Design in El Paso

A newly-renovated kitchen exemplifying timeless kitchen design ideas, including a custom island, grey cabinets, marble countertops, and two sinks.You don’t want your El Paso kitchen remodeling project to go out of style in two years. Aiming for a timeless kitchen design will help make sure that your kitchen maintains its unique qualities and still feels fresh. 

Trends come and go quickly, and jumping on the latest hype will not always bode well for everybody. From kitchen islands to custom cabinets to accent walls, the newest in the trends department will always persuade some and evade others. 

But your kitchen should not be about trends, it should be about what you want to achieve with your kitchen design and how you want to make a statement that’s entirely your own. 

So how does the Dominguez & Sons team go about offering this? Let’s take a look!

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How To Achieve a Timeless Design Without Sacrificing Style 

You know it when you see it. You sense it when you’re in it, but what exactly defines a timeless design? Let’s try to break this down. 

In the field of interior design, the word ‘timeless’ refers to a very specific type of aesthetic approach. It is not trendy, it’s not dull, it’s a delicate balance of recognizable classic designs with a contemporary air. In other words, it fuses established design patterns and features with a streak of something a little more modern or surprising. These contrasting elements create what we like to call the fragile balance of a breathtaking room. 

Timeless design is flexible and versatile, able to evolve with its inhabitants. The design should feel open and welcoming but also leave a little bit of mystique. So how exactly do you achieve this?

Here’s what you need to consider:

The Main Elements and Layout

Every kitchen has a defining feature, a focal point, a center of gravity where people gravitate naturally. Consider what your main kitchen element is or what you would like it to be. When talking about kitchen design, the kitchen triangle is a big part of how to organize or structure your kitchen. The idea behind the kitchen triangle is to consider the functional configuration between the oven, sink, and refrigerator—the big three.  

How are the big three working in your space, and how can you make this more functional? Or how can you accentuate it? 

Consider Custom Cabinets 

A touch of craftsmanship is essential for any timeless design. Out-of-the-box cabinets will not have the same allure. Also, using too much of one material can easily date your kitchen. This holds true for cabinets. Consider using a variety of materials throughout your kitchen to create contrast. You can include a touch of glazed, hand-stained, or distressed wood elements. 

The great thing about custom cabinets is that they can be made to your kitchen’s specifications. Working with a professional custom cabinet company means you have an expert advising you as to options regarding materials, types of wood, design, and even finishes. 

Infuse the Traditional with the Contemporary 

A timeless design is defined by how it instantly feels welcoming and familiar but also maintains a sense of individuality. One way to design a timeless kitchen design is by mixing old and new elements together. Incorporate some of the more contemporary minimalist qualities, sleek appliances, horizontal lines,  or geometric features with the traditional antique or glazed cabinetry, framed cabinetry, ornate cabinet door inserts, and decorative wallpaper of the traditional kitchen. 

In other words, it makes people feel as if the kitchen has been there for generations, but it is still functional, fresh, and full of energy. 

Everlasting Materials for Long-Lasting Beauty 

Natural materials convey natural beauty. Natural materials such as stone or wood are the perfect way to maintain a timeless quality in your kitchen. Certain materials will never go out of style. From custom cabinetry made of cherry wood, hickory, pecan, or maple to countertops made of natural stone or veneer, it will enhance the kitchen atmosphere. 

Neutral Tones and Colors

Neutral colors have a great shelf life. These types of soft hues and colors will adapt to any style and—when used correctly — will liven and illuminate certain features. Popular neutral colors include cream, light pinks, light greens, pale blue, soft browns, and more. 

Consider Established Patterns

Evoke the sense of enduring beauty in your kitchen by incorporating patterns. Whether this is creating stripes, plaid, or other color patterns, you can create a sense of cohesion that instantly creates the everlasting feel of any room. 

Forget the Trends and Go With Your Gut

Many people will second guess their natural instinct for designing their kitchens. While it can be handy to hire an interior designer, it’s not always necessary. You likely have a good idea of how you want your kitchen to function and feel. Follow your gut, and you might find that you can create your own timeless design. 

Get Unique Craftsmanship in Your Kitchen with Custom Cabinets

To create a timeless kitchen, cabinets take center stage. And you can’t go wrong with superb creativity, natural materials, and craft. Call Dominguez & Sons at (915) 859-4486 today!

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