Why Laminate Cabinets are Complementary for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of heart-warming food, sweet delicacies and drinks, and aromas with a kick. It’s a heavy task to not be reeled into the embrace of your home’s kitchen. But just because your kitchen is fulfilled with satisfying essences, doesn’t mean its visual state can’t be spruced up. To your surprise, cabinets can be quick to wear down, especially as we open and close them more than we may even notice. Laminating your cabinets is the perfect solution to keeping them lively, so let’s go more into how laminate cabinets can further serve your kitchen. 


Less Likely to Fade

Fading is a natural and pretty irresistible cycle of home life, but thankfully, lamination is here to keep that from taking place. Lamination, in simple terms, is a shield for your cabinets. Laminating your cabinets enables the ability to sustain color, making it look rich and as if it was newly applied. Lamination also adds an authentic shine to make your cabinets stand out.


Resistance to Outside Factors

Cabinets are also famously known for getting dirty. Cooking can take a toll on cabinets as steam and oils are prone to stick to them. Cleaning cabinets from residue is hard, but with lamination, it as easy as the brush of your hand. Lamination also enables you to use harsher cleaning substances and, still, your cabinets won’t be at risk of being dirty.


Heavy Usage 

If you have extremely dense pots, pans, bowls, and silverware, laminate cabinets can perfectly withstand them. Because the lamination makes the cabinets more durable, they become less susceptible to loose screws, lop-sided cabinet doors, and warping of the foundation within the cabinets. Cabinets shouldn’t have to fall apart so easily; laminate cabinets are here to stick around for a while.


Lamination Made Possible with Dominguez and Sons!

Dominguez and Sons Cabinets are skilled in carefully laminating your kitchen cabinets, but that’s not all! Contact us today to learn more about the revamping services we can apply to your home. 

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