Top 5 Trends in Wet Bar Designing 

If you’re finally looking into adding a classy and interactive touch to your home, a wet bar is the perfect remodeling choice. Wet bars are optimal when you have friends and family over, allowing professionals and colleagues in for a meeting, or simply for winding down after a long day of work. Not many people have wet bars installed in their homes, so you might be conflicted as to how you want your wet bar to be designed. We’ve provided some of the most popular trends for wet bar designing that we think might help you get some ideas and spark inspiration!


  • Under Counter Appliances

The most popular counter appliance to be placed under is the microwave. This change in location of the appliance can make a huge difference! You can allow for more appliances to take up the space that a microwave normally would. Some of the extra appliances you could include are wine chillers, beer kegerators, and ice makers!


  • Simple But Classy

Going for a simple yet classy look calls for focusing more on base cabinets and the countertop space needed for seating. Extra storage may come from floating shelves on the wall, high-end designs, painted cabinetry, and natural stone or quartz countertops. Some of the designs can be incorporated to be simultaneously extravagant and simple.


  • Open Shelves 

With open shelving, you are given the opportunity to display the amount and quality of the drinks you have. This also allows for creating a modern-based look. This design calls for eliminating wall cabinetry in favor of base cabinets. This trend is great for providing storage without being too intrusive on your bar space. 


  • Tile and Colors Making a Statement

Mosaic tiles have become a popular choice for a splash of color and artistic patterns. A wet bar could also include an accent wall with a single bold color or graphic that really stands out. You can also create a feature wall using wallpaper, painting, tiles, or even a large piece of art! 


  • Family-Friendly Designs

A wet bar doesn’t have to strictly be about making drinks or reserved for game night; it can be a great entertainment source for families and children as well! You can include lower counters for the little ones to be able to reach, a comfortable seating area, and snacks for your children to enjoy. The cabinetry is a perfect place to store family games, coloring books, and gaming systems for the whole family to enjoy!


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