Three Different Bathroom Cabinet Styles to Add Value to Your Home

Yes, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. You want it to be functional, provide plenty of comfort and space, and you want it to be beautiful. Custom bathroom cabinets are one way of achieving that longevity and beauty that you so seek in this very important room in your home. After all, every investment that you make in your home should be done with longevity in mind. Whatever you put in, you want it to come back tenfold. Investing in bathroom cabinets is one way to add value and beauty to your home for many years to come.

Bathrooms are often the first go-to when people consider remodeling.  This is because bathrooms have a certain power and hold a certain amount of leverage when selling your home. When thinking about bathroom renovations, people often focus on the tub, shower, or tile color. The cabinets, however, a great way to enhance the bathroom in both a functional and aesthetic capacity.

Here are a few ideas to really spice up your cabinet life.

Flat Style Cabinets

These are minimal and simple style cabinets that compliment a quieter decorative style. This makes them an excellent choice for a very sleek and modern bathroom look with very diminished hardware and detailing. There is not a whole lot of design or fancy exterior details, they are clean and swift and get the job done.

Distressed Wood Cabinets

The distressed wood look is incredibly appealing and goes great for people looking for a far more vintage look. Distressed wood refers to a weathered look, which makes the wood appear older and ‘weathered.’ This adds a rugged but refined look that paired with the right colors and the right arrangement can really create a unique atmosphere.

Free-standing vanities

These are definitely in vogue at the moment and offer quite the creativity. Freestanding vanities are not only elegant but can really maximize the space in your bathroom. These will have a sink and plenty of space surrounding the sink for all the necessary items one needs in a bathroom vanity.

Custom Style Cabinets

Including custom cabinets will ensure that you have some say on how you want the cabinets to look and can have a lot more control on materials. This means you can choose from a variety of cabinet finishes including paint, stain, glaze, water-based UV, Varnish and more.

Re-Imagine Your Bathroom Cabinets Today

Here at Dominguez and Sons, we specialize in custom bathroom cabinets. We work to make wooden works of art that enhance your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you are thinking of getting cherry wood, oak, hickory, or any other type of wood, we got you covered. Give us a call today.

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