The Benefits of a Breakfast Bar and Custom-made Computer Workstation 

The year 2020 was a year of surprises. Many Americans found themselves working from home, studying from home, having conference meetings from home, skipping the movie theater, and sticking to Netflix, etc.  These recent events have certainly led homeowners to think a lot about their house and focus their efforts on making their home a comfortable and functional place to live. For many, their living rooms and bedrooms turn into offices and workspaces, so having a layout and space that is versatile is not only useful but in high demand. This is why Dominguez and Sons is ready to assist homeowners with transforming their spaces with custom-made stylish furnishing cabinets and more. The breakfast bar and the custom-made computer workstation are two of the features we’ve seen become more popular this year. Let’s take a closer look at each. 

A Look at the Breakfast Bar In the Era of Functional Spaces

You can have casual and comfortable without sacrificing luxury and style. The twenty-first-century kitchen is one that espouses open spaces, comfort, functionality, and performance. Today’s homeowner finds ways to maximize space and minimize clutter. One popular home addition is the breakfast bar, as it speaks to the need for casual dining.  Kitchen bars are a great way to increase space and create a conversation area that is a casual dining area for you and your family. In today’s day and age, new ways of dining are all the rage, so we have some ideas on how to improve your kitchen.

Even in the 21st century, the kitchen remains the heart of the home. With so many people working from home today, the kitchen tends to double up as half office, half conference room, study room, game room, and more. 

  1. A functional space that adds versatility. A kitchen bar or custom bar made for your space is a convenient way to add functional space without sacrificing too much of your kitchen layout or doing a full remodel. A kitchen bar will make the kitchen far more inviting but it will also serve dual purposes as your family can enjoy the counter space in a variety of different ways. 
  2. More eating space. If more eating space is what you need, without adding another dining table or tearing down a wall, a custom breakfast bar can be just what you need to add more eating space without cluttering up your kitchen. 
  3. Added intimacy space. Your meals may not always be a formal event where the whole family gathers, sets the table and talks about their day. When everyone’s schedules are different and people are running in and out of the house, the breakfast bar offers families an opportunity to gather around for a quick meal and still have a moment of intimate conversation together. 

The Compelling Case for the Custom-made Computer Station

The home office is the next big thing for interior designers. All of a sudden, a good chunk of the population has taken the office home with them and this is asking the question about the best way to design a space that fits each individual’s needs. A computer station from Dominguez & Sons means a couple of things:

Customized design. This is not your everyday work desk. A desk is just a glorified table with added cabinet space. We take the job seriously and work with you to find the right balance for work, compartment space, your desired length, and more. 

Functional design. Our workstations cater to your space, needs, and special requests. We work closely with you to ensure that what you envision for your home office is the final result. We design the computer station you want with the necessary drawers. No workstation is complete with the right amount of space to put your important papers and supplies. 

Why Go Custom-made? — The Difference in What We Do

You may be wondering why you should choose to go custom-made and why not just buy the cheapest desk in your local retailer or off of Craigslist. There are a couple of big differences in what we do here. All of them add beauty and resolve a value to your home. 

Craftsmanship. You’ll likely not get quality craftsmanship with anything that comes pre-fabricated or mass-produced. Not only does it look the same as many others, but it is not built with you in mind and it is not built by expert craftsmen that take their time on every last detail. 

Unique design. Just like jeans, a prefabricated piece of furniture comes in a one size fits all model. It does not take your space into consideration, nor does it consider the way you want to utilize the same. So instead of it working for you, there are often compromises and alterations you must make on your vision of the space. 

Satisfaction guarantee. Here at Dominguez & Sons, we approach every project with the utmost attention to detail and only the best materials around. There is no splintering wood or cracking wood after only a few months. What we build is built to last. 

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your kitchen or how to elegantly build up your home office, give us a call today. There is nothing like a custom-made piece to enhance your home. 


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