The Popular Resurgence of the Kitchen Island

People love their kitchens.  It’s where coffee brews in the morning, where families gather to prepare a meal, where kids learn to bake their first batch of cookies. They have come to be an important communal space in our home. In recent years the kitchen island has had quite a resurgence as many people find it a stylish way to maximize space. Dominguez & Sons Cabinets can help with your next kitchen island and transform your kitchen into a more dynamic, spacious, and comfortable room.

How It Began

Like other aspects of the home, the kitchen has shifted over time. Prewar kitchens were smaller, as they were reserved only for the cooking and preparation of meals. After World War II came the advent of dozens of kitchen appliances that slowly turned the kitchen into much more about comfort and congregation. This meant that the kitchen island became a place where the family could gather and talk as meals were being cooked or prepared.

Like other areas of architecture, the kitchen arrangement shifted to a more open configuration, where it was both functional, spacious, and equipped with cabinet space for storage.

The Advantages

So what are the advantages of a kitchen island? There are several reasons why people are looking to install a kitchen island or to spruce up an existing one.

  • Cabinet space: People love cabinet space in which to store utensils, bowls, or other necessary kitchen items. Today’s modern kitchen islands are known to be quite nifty when it comes to installing drawers and cabinets that allow for extra storage.
  • Functionality: A kitchen island can be both a place to prepare a meal, cut the vegetables, brine the meat, or lay the cookie sheets. It can also be a place for a quick meal in the mornings that makes it easier for mom to clean up or rush to work. An island will double up as a workspace and a secondary kitchen table, making the kitchen fun and accessible.
  • Fashionable. Aside from its practical uses, the kitchen island can now be decked out in a dozen different ways —like adding wood cabinets or drawers—to add luxury and sophistication. At the same time, you create it an inviting and welcoming place where people want to pull up a stool and drink coffee.

Do Kitchens Right With Dominguez & Sons

The resurgence of kitchen islands is due to a change in the way we think and experience space. Modern architecture has seen a shift towards more open and communal spaces that allow for free-flowing connections from one room to the next. Kitchen islands are a functional choice for modern families and Dominguez & Sons Cabinets can help you get started!


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