How to Identify High-Quality Cabinets

If you’re currently in the works of customizing your home, your cabinets, in every single room, are going to be one of the first things that come to mind. Believe it or not, cabinets play an integral role in interior design. Every homeowner has a different style and atmosphere they want to capture in their homes and this goal can be achieved by choosing the right elements. Cabinets, like any other home feature, can wear down over time, depending on the quality and brand you purchase. If you want to invest in a set of cabinets that will function and remain flawless for years to come, there are specific characteristics to keep an eye out for. We take a look.

1. Durable Cabinet Box Materials 

There are two kinds of cabinet material that are infamously purchased due to their durable and rigid nature. Signature, high-quality cabinets are usually made out of all-plywood and classic lines of material. This kind of material offers expansion-resistance from a range of temperatures and humidity fluctuations, making it an optimal, stable choice.

2. Long-Lasting and Stable

Long-lasting and quality cabinet frames provide stability. With stable face frames, cabinets are boxed appropriately and tightly when being shipped and installed. Professional cabinet installers usually have to be prevalent when cabinets come frameless. By investing in cabinets with strong frames, you can expect to experience precise and efficient installation. 

3. Easy-to-Clean Interiors

Cabinets, especially for the kitchen, should be non-porous and easy to clean. Cabinet interiors should also be tough enough to last the life of the cabinets without staining, bubbling, or showing wear. The majority of these kinds of cabinets have two different, yet similar materials. They are the perfect surface for cabinet interiors due to their extreme resistance to moisture. 

4. Full-Height Back Panels 

For strength and ease of installation, quality cabinets should obtain durable, full-height back panels. A full back panel allows the cabinet to be directly attached to wall studs at any point on the cabinet back. If installation required the cabinet to be cut around ductwork, plumbing or electrical, the modification will be simpler on the full-back. 

5. Soft-Close Door Hinges 

Many high-quality and high-performing cabinets obtain soft-close door hinges KCMA Certification. This means they have been tested to withstand sixty-five pounds of weight and can operate swiftly through 25,000 open and close cycles. By choosing a high-quality brand, you can expect to experience a lifetime of squeaky-free hinges that keep them up and functioning. 

6. Toekick Protective Wear

The toekick area of a cabinet is the space where the cabinet meets the floor. It provides space for your feet when standing at the counter. A toekick should be fully enclosed and captured with dado joints, glue, and nails to resist any impact. It should also be integrated into the full-length, back panel and cabinet sides for additional strength. After installation, applying a finished toekick panels can help complete the look and durability. 

Cabinets supported by plastic legs are not as strong or stable as full-box cabinets. An additional toekick panel is also helpful in the event of preventing dirt and small items from being trapped under the cabinet. 

7. Thickness 

Thickness and material choice are important factors as they govern both the rigidity and strength of a cabinet or shelf. The thicker a shelf the more rigid and less prone to sagging it will be. Additionally, cabinets that have a reinforcing strip made from solid wood or plywood attached to the front edge or underneath are typically more rigid than shelves without this feature. How a load is placed within a cabinet will determine its strength and resistance to sagging.

8. Retention and Adjustability 

Adjustable shelves and cabinets are much more versatile than those that are fixed. Good and high-quality cabinets will have adjustable features or at least more than those of fixed cabinets. When it comes to adjustable shelves, you want to make sure you’re satisfied with the clips that hold them up within the cabinets. Metal clips are optimal as they are sturdier than plastic clips. 

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