The Four Most Popular Types of Wood for Cabinet Makers

Cabinets can make or break the look of your kitchen. There are many options homeowners have when it comes to remodeling their kitchens. Custom made cabinets are always a better choice since the materials used are of better quality and more durable. At Dominguez and Sons Cabinets we are experienced cabinet makers have a deep respect for the craft. We approach each project as an individual and unique work that merits absolute consideration and attention to detail.

Wood cabinets allow you a tremendous amount of versatility since each wood is different and produces a different result and finish.  Here are some of the more popular woods used in carpentry and many preferred by experienced cabinet makers.

1. Hickory

Sometimes known as “pecan” is a very strong and heavy wood. It is very bold with heavy grain patterns and a rustic look. Hickory is elegant and yet earthy and can bring a cabin-like feel to a kitchen. This is a very striking and durable wood but ranks a little higher in terms of price range and cost. Hickory cabinets, however, have a very customized look and produce graceful tones.


2. Cherry

Cherry is a very dark wood and is thus the best choice for customers looking for a darker finish. It has a very luxurious and sometimes exotic look that adds a little grandeur to any kitchen. This is also a very durable wood that while it might range higher in the cost, can last for a long time without the need for replacement.  The darkness and elegance of the wood can create a very warm atmosphere while maintaining a sense of contemporary style.


3. Oak

Another durable wood that is quite resistant against moisture and wear and tear. This makes it a very popular wood. In terms of aesthetic, oak can have a light to medium brown color, or slightly redder tones with red oak. It usually has a unique grain texture that produces a traditional look and feel.


4. Maple

This is a very versatile wood that looks good with a variety of finishes and is also very hard and resistant. It can have a variety of grains from a straight grain to fiddleback grain or bird’s eye grain. Maple tends to create a very classy look and can enhance any kitchen that needs a touch of the modern while surviving some serious wear and tear.  

In the end, it really depends what you are looking for in terms of feel, aesthetic, durability, and prices. Every wood is unique and each has a story to tell. At Dominguez and Sons, we are faithful cabinet makers that take these unique qualities into consideration when advising and building our cabinets. So when it comes time to replace those old and chipped cabinets or when you’re decorating a new home the best choice, choose custom made and talk to an experienced cabinet maker.

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