Custom Made Fireplace Mantels: Infuse Your Home With Graceful Style

The Christmas season is right around the corner. In fact, you were probably already exposed to some far too early Christmas music playing in your favorite store, reminding you that it is that time again where the traffic gets bad, the stores swarm with antsy shoppers, and the wife and kids are expecting that next great gift. After all, everyone has been good and expects Santa to bring amazing new gadgets, jewelry, and God knows what else. As a homeowner, however, you know that the gift that keeps on giving is investments in the place you call home. And there is no better improvement on your home that getting custom made cabinets or, better yet, the best and stylish entryway for ole Santa Claus himself: a custom-made chimney mantel

Wait. So how did the story of St. Nicholas— pious, kind, and giving saint of Europe— turn into a jolly fat man in red pants going down the chimney? Interestingly enough, the first iteration of this now-famous Santa Claus archetype came about in an 1812 book by Washington Irving. Before that, however, the chimney served as a magical place through which visitors came through. In folklore and children’s tales, the chimney itself seems to have a history for connecting the natural and the supernatural worlds. Long before it was Santa, people would fear that fairies or witches would come down the long dusty vent and enter their home in that way. 

So whether you believe that witches, fairies, elves, or Santa is coming through your chimney, we’ll leave that up to you. If it is Santa, though, wouldn’t you want him to enter through a beautiful custom made mantle where stockings of the whole family (including the dog) are hanging? If there is anything we know about Santa, is that he love a good mantle. So how can we help?

Different Kinds of Fireplaces 

Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the age and style of your home, they may be different and range from the traditional to the modern. Let’s take a look at some of the most common kind:

Traditional Open Hearth

These are (as the name suggests) traditional, which means that many a Santa Clauses have come down these types of fireplaces.  These are the types you see in classic Christmas movies, often surrounded by brick or stone that surround the heath. 

Enclosed Fireplaces

The name is also a good indicator of the design. These fireplaces are enclosed and usually feature a glass panel that allows you to enjoy the fire, as the design allows for the heat to enter the room, rather than escape through a vent in the back. 

Gas Burning Ventless Built-in Fireplaces

While a gas-burning fireplace might not offer the same traditional feel as a wood-burning fireplace, it still adds comfort and style with less of the hassle. These ventless built-in fireplaces are easy to install and can be done so in a way that doesn’t create that much change in a home’s structure. 

Electric Fireplaces

While these are not exactly traditional, they do allow for more control and are easy to install in a home. They are also a little more cost effective and can come with a beautiful mantel that adds a bit of style to your home 

In the end, the type of fireplace you want or have might change depending on the amount and type of upkeep you want to deal with. 

Styles and Types of Custom-Made Chimney Mantels 

Just like fireplaces themselves, there are a great many varieties of mantels that add different types of ambiance to your home. Here at Dominguez & Sons Cabinets, we can custom make any style or type of mantel you can imagine. 

Traditional style wooden fireplace mantels are a great way to add comfort and style to your home. These have a more traditional and simple design and might be reminiscent of old homes. 

Modern wooden designs have a more contemporary approach to the mantel and might be a little more slick, have  a more minimalist design or one major design theme. 

As custom wood experts, we can handcraft any style that you envision. Whether you are looking for an elaborate wooden design or a fine finish, we can make your fireplace enhance your entire room. We know El Paso doesn’t have harsh winters, and we don’t necessarily get flurries of snow, and yet a beautiful fireplace will make the cold season in the sun city that much cozier and warmer. It’s a great place to gather around the family, to spend some time together, or to add some homeliness and calm to a fast-paced world so concerned with work and technology. 

Choose the Custom Wood Experts and Get Beauty Unlike Any Other

There is something about a beautiful fireplace that calls to us. It awakens something. Perhaps because fire was man’s first best friend and no matter how many modern and electrical comforts we have around us, the power of those flames still calm something inside of us. Let Dominguez & Sons create a beautiful fireplace mantel and celebrate more than Christmas. Celebrate the beauty of custom made woodwork and the calm the fireplace brings to your home. Call us today.

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