What To Consider First When Looking To Get Custom Cabinets

When looking for custom cabinets, you might be stumped on where to start. What makes each room different from each other? How do you create a vibe that fits the kitchen and another for the bathroom? You might start thinking about style and design before getting what’s really important. There are a few steps to start your approach for a new cabinet set-up, and it literally starts from the ground up. 

Each room has a unique purpose for shelving, drawers, and overall presentation. Do you require open shelves? Small or large drawers? Think about each room’s function and what you’re aiming to make it more convenient for yourself in each room. After that, you can go design crazy. Let’s take a look at the essentials of cabinetry.


Shelves may look like an odd start, but it’s a determining factor when it comes to custom cabinets. What rooms are getting shelves, or what parts of the room? Your kitchen will have the most shelving compared to any other space. Although, not ever cabinet needs shelves. Having open space and a place to put those oversized pots and pans works best without shelves. 

Higher cabinets typically include shelving, but they don’t always need it either. Sometimes those out of reach shelves make the kitchen look and feel more cluttered. Having that openness in the kitchen makes it easier to clean and restricts where grime can build up. Your bathroom cabinets might need one or two shelves, but these can be smaller and less stressful of a decision.


Many stock cabinets focus on one thing – drawers! Of course, we need a few for silverware and other cooking utensils, but how many junk drawers do you have? When do drawers cross the fine line for getting used for storage and turn to hoarding? The misconception of drawers is that they’re essential in every room. There’s plenty of other ways to store your kitchenware without overloading with drawers. Think of consolidating and donating those pots and pans you’ve kept around but still never use. By restricting the places to store junk, you’re less likely to keep building it up. Drawers are meant for easy access, not for clutter.


It’s time to pull the camera back now—the front-facing aspect of cabinets that will really make guests gasp when walking into your home. You have so many options for custom cabinets beside the wooden door. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors can feel more inviting and stop you from forgetting about those glasses you always wanted to use. Even setting up cabinets like this in your study or dining room can highlight those missed items.

Your cabinet doors set the mood for that room, so don’t feel inclined to have them all match. Window doors are great for highlighting what’s behind them. Of course, we don’t want everyone looking through every cabinet. Solid doors work well for your bathroom, closet functions, and the majority of your kitchen. Remember, when you cook, things splatter and fly out of the pan, which could damage glass windows.

Custom Cabinets For Other Parts Of The Home

We focus on the kitchen and bathroom since they’re the first places we think of for cabinets. It’s also where the majority of them go. You can also place them in the living room, laundry room, or the study. Each of these rooms can get different types of cabinets to suit their needs. Laundry rooms work great with open cabinets above your washer and dryer for easy access to your soaps. Or even near-by to store your cleaning supplies in and having a free top space for items. 

Your study can have a single cabinet for your prized possession that window glass doors can help keep dust away. Even your living room with a cushion top cabinet can serve well in front of windows. So, think of how they work in each room and what purpose they can serve. In no way are cabinets restricted to one place for a singular purpose. Sometimes having excellent storage spaces can do more for a room than one may think.

Life and Times Of Your Cabinets

Custom Cabinets can change the look and feel of the room they’re placed in. They serve as a storage space that can be incorporated into each room. Why shuffle away the blankets in a closet when you’re going to break them out every day to lounge in? Think of them as seasonal assets to make things easier to access. Once you figure out what you need and don’t need, you won’t have to worry about cluttered cabinets.

Dominguez & Sons helps you understand and find what’s best for each of your rooms. From the ideas to the design and execution, we make the process simple for you. If you have any questions, please contact us to help bring your dream home or office to life.

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