5 Items That Could Potentially Ruin Your Countertops


Kitchen countertops are intended to be a versatile place for you and your family. From preparing dinner to finishing up homework, sorting the mail, typing away on your laptop, and sometimes arts and crafts with the children — countertops tend to see a lot of action. Keeping them in pristine condition involves a good wipe down after meals and most importantly, avoiding contact with items that could ruin them permanently.

Avoid these FIVE items from coming in contact with your countertops:

1. Acidic Things 

Everything from citrus fruits (lemons) to soft drinks, cleaning products, perfume, and really anything with acid in it could damage your counters. The worst part is, these items tend to stain easily, which means a quick spill could result in permanent damage. Using a cutting board for slicing citrus fruits and coasters when drinking soft drinks can help you avoid any unwanted stains.

2. Hot Pots and Pans

When you’re cooking in a rush, there’s a possibility that you could move a hot pot or pan from the oven or stovetop onto the counters. However, it’s important to be mindful of the consequences of a hot surface touching your counters. It’s possible for your countertop to crack from the heat. When come countertops experience a difference in temperature, it will cause them to crack. Protect your countertops by placing hot pots and pans on a cutting board or a trivet (silicone pad).

3. Water Buildup

Water is one of those things you wouldn’t think would cause damage to your countertops but it does! Have you ever noticed after a pool of water dries up there’s a spot on your counter? When water dries up, it causes stains, which looks like a buildup of crust. Although most of these spots can be easily cleaned, there is the possibility that it will become a permanent stain. Of course, you want to avoid this! Therefore, use a towel to wipe off the water. Be sure to avoid allowing even small pools of water to sit on your countertop.

4. Too Much Sunlight 

There is something magical about a well-lit kitchen. Doesn’t a sunny kitchen make you want to make breakfast and prepare a nice hot cup of coffee? This is especially true in the winter when we long for warmth. However, too much sunlight can be harmful. The sun tends to eat away at countertops, causing them to fade. So what you’ll want to do is minimize the amount of sunlight that comes into your kitchen each day, if possible. The best way is to close your blinds or curtains during the day. 

5. Your Keys!

Do you have the habit of throwing things onto your countertop without giving it much thought? One of the most common items that we tend to slide on our counters is our keys. Although keys aren’t as sharp as let’s say your kitchen knives, they do have the ability to cause damage. The more contact they make with your countertops, the more likely damage is to occur. Avoid the risk of scratches by never throwing your keys on the counter!  

Need to Replace Your Countertops? 

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