3 Tips for Planning New Cabinets

If you’re remodeling your home or simply considering installing new cabinets, there are a few items to consider before you dive right in. After having the same cabinets for several years, installing brand new cabinets gives you the opportunity to decide on exactly what you want. It may feel overwhelming as you consider material, design, and space. We’re here to help! We’ve created a short list of tips to keep in mind as you plan for new cabinets.

Tip #1: Consider the Room

Cabinets for the kitchen will ultimately serve different needs than those of the bathroom. Consider the functionality of the room when deciding on design and style. This will help you think of all the ways your storage space will be utilized, as well as how much space you truly need to store items like dishes, kitchen appliances, silverware, spices, wine or beer, personal items, and everything in between. Functionality is the perfect starting point when it comes to planning for cabinets.  

Tip #2: Decide on a Style

When it comes to cabinets, you want to make sure the material and color you select matches the style of the rest of the home. For example, if your home’s colors are primarily light, you want to stay away from darker shades such as black, grey, or dark brown. Instead, opt for white, light brown, or even cream. The design of the cabinets is also key when it comes to blending in with your home’s style. If your home is modern, you’ll want sleek cabinets such as white wood with minimal design. On the contrary, if you’re going for traditional design, you can’t go wrong with natural hickory.  

Tip #3: Think About Your Organizational Needs

Have you ever been inside someone’s home and thought, “Wow! I wish I had that amount of organizational space”? Well, now you can. With custom cabinets, you can design the ideal amount of shelves and compartments for the right storage space. If the cabinets are for your kitchen, you could incorporate space for a pantry pullout with sections for spices, wine, or even cooking utensils. In the bathroom, you may want to create a section for easy storage of personal products such as toothbrushes, lotions, and even a section dedicated to makeup. The key is making use of space with sectionals and smart design.

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At Dominguez and Sons Custom Cabinet Shop, we take pride in our ability to provide El Paso residents with quality work in custom cabinets. Even if these tips are a starting point, we are happy to provide you with one-on-one assistance to create the design you’re aiming to achieve. Connect with us today to begin the fun and seamless process.

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